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Quercus are a type of hardwood evergreen trees such as holm oaks, cork oaks and oak trees characterized by their beauty, Cheap replica watches long life and their contribution to improve their habitat and the environment. The Quercus forest, called “dehesa”, is a very good example of how humans can improve the environment generating sustainable development.

Dehesas, located in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula, are THE home to the Iberian pig, the only breed in Europe still living in the wild, roaming freely, feeding on acorns and foraging in the scrubland pasture. Acquiring superb attributes for their meat in the process, it is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, specially oleic acid, popularly known to be found in olive oil and avocado, albeit a not so well known component in Iberian acorn-fed pork meat.

Iberian Acorn-Fed Pork becomes an olive with legs when bred freely eating acorns in the dehesa.


The Iberian Breed

Signs of Identity

The Iberian pig is an indigenous breed of Mediterranean origin. They are a rare example of domesticated pigs adapted to free-range conditions, taking advantage of the natural resources produced by holm oak and cork trees which are an integral part of the dehesa.

Pure Iberian pigs come from 100% pure parents (not mixed with any other breed) and represent not more than 5% of the national stock of Iberian pigs. Their diet is based on acorns, clover, roots and tuber.



The most select range

The outstanding quality of PeQu Gourmet products, is determined by rigorous controls practiced during the whole process, from its start in the selection of the animals of pure Iberian stock, to fattening them in natural free range conditions, and finally ensuring that the transport is as humane as possible so as to avoid the animals suffering undue stress and tiredness.

Following the killing of the animals in accredited abattoirs, the process of selection of the hams for curing, and the meat for our lomos, morcones, chorizos, salchichones …, is carried out in our own installations. To all this we add our experience, our recipes, our tradition, the use of the correct technology and, how could it be otherwise, the tact and sensitivity necessary to produce a correct evolution of the product so as to end up with the highest quality.


Nutritional Information

Health aspects of Iberian cured ham

Due to its genetic makeup and, above all, its due care and attention in the dehesa, the Iberian pig possesses certain characteristics which make it a very healthy nourishment.

Its fat is very rich in oleic acid, (up to 60%) with a high content of antioxidants, which retard the degenerative phenomena, and a moderate level of cholesterol.
Oleic acid, an important component of olive oil, is one of the pillars of Mediterranean cuisine.

Scientific research, supported by the Badajoz General Medical Service, shows that Iberian crude ham products consumed with a balanced diet (in the context of Mediterranean cuisine) are beneficial to your health.