PeQu Acorn-Fed Iberian Pork Lagarto (Lagarto Iberico de Bellota)

Also denominated "Loin Drawstring" is a long and skinny piece of meat (Iliocostalis muscle) between the loin and the chops, that gives it a great taste and juiciness.
This meat comes from Iberian Acorn-Fed porks that roam freely in the meadows"Dehesas".
Measures aprox 20 cm and its normally cooked on the Grill. Estimated weight per piece 200 grms. Frozen Product. Price per Kg.

About the Product

Iberian pork is an important content of monounsaturated fatty acids, especially oleic acid. Should Always choose food with a low-fat, although, in the diet is so important to the quality of fats as the amount.
The content of oleic acid in olive oil or avocado is known by most people. Their presence is not as known in the Iberian pork, rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, mainly in oleic acid, whose proportion in total fat, is higher than 45%.
Iberian pork is a complete food for inclusion in the overall diet, as it provides protein, zinc and iron of high bioavailability, and vitamins of group B. This type of meat remains one of the most important food for all population groups, as it is a good source of protein of excellent quality.
Lean pork, like pork tenderloin, only has 3.4% of total fat, the same content as a chicken thigh and nearly half the fresh tuna. Moreover, most of it is fat quality: 38% of the fat is oleic acid and more than 17% are polyunsaturated fatty acids.
Iberian pork, by their very nature, is considered within the group of white meat, because of their white fiber content and lower in fat and collagen. This means that it is a lean meat, moderate in calories and easy digestibility, and reduced saturated fatty acid content.
Therefore, the consumption of iberian pork is a healthy diet.

Tambien denominado cordón del lomo, es una larga y delgada tira de carne ( musculo iliocostalis) entre el lomo y las chuletas. Mide aproximadamente veinte centimetros y se cocina normalmente a la parrilla. Peso aproximado de cada pieza 200 gramos. Producto congelado. Precio por kilo.

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