PeQu Iberian Suckling Lamb Leg (Cabrito Lechal Pierna)

These animals have been fed exclusively on mother´s milk. The pink flesh is tender and lean.
The weight of each piece is about 500 grams. Frozen item. Price per kg.

About the Product

Kid meat is very healthy, low in fat and cholesterol. It is simple to prepare and quite delicious... Kid is sweeter than lamb. Its distinctive flavour is considered a delicacy in most Mediterranean countries.
It has much less fat and cholesterol than sheep meat and is high in protein. The flesh is soft with a beautiful fine texture and a flavour similar to veal.

Piezas procedentes de animales cuya única alimentación ha sido leche materna, con gran sabor, color rosáceo y presentación en piezas entre 400 y 550 grs. Precio por kilo. Producto congelado.

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