Videos and Links

Images From Our Restaurants


PeQu Gourmet “The Iberian Black Pig”

PeQu Gourmet “Where do our Pig Tails go”

PeQu Gourmet “In the World renown El Bulli Restaurant Foundation”

PeQu Gourmet “In the Meadows (Una Selva Domesticada)”

PeQu Gourmet “Taste of Extremadura in Telemadrid”

PeQu Gourmet “The Extremadura Meadows “Dehesas” by Eduardo Alvarado”

PeQu Gourmet “Only Acorn-Fed Pigs by the Spanish Association of Iberian Pork Breeding ”

PeQu Gourmet “Our Acorn-Fed Pig arrives in Brazil under the patronage of Joan Roca”

PeQu Gourmet “Having Fun in the Meadows (Dehesa)”

PeQu Gourmet “Learn How to Cut Spanish Ham”

PeQu Gourmet How to Carve an Acorn-Fed Ham (tutorial)


Mugaritz Restaurant

Celler de Can Roca Restaurant

Arrop Restaurant

Can Fabes Restaurant

The Fat Duck Restaurant

Dos Cielos Restaurant

Casa Pepa Restaurant

Diverxo Restaurant

Abac Restaurant

Ferrero Restaurant by Paco Morales

Acio Restaurant

El Bohio Restaurant by Pepe Rodriguez

Catalogs and General Information

Annual Traditional Montanera Iberian Pig Slaughter on February

More Michelin Stars From Our Restaurants

The Goodness of our Products by Dr. Jose Enrique Campillo

The Way ‘Disruptive Innovation’ is made in Spain

Pais de Quercus Presentation (PDF)

Pais de Quercus Meats from the Meadows Catalog (PDF)

Pais de Quercus Gastronómic Christmas Gifts Catalog for Companies (PDF)

Pais de Quercus Iberian Cure Cuts from the Meadows Catalog (PDF)

Pais de Quercus Lamb from the Meadows (PDF)

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